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(WDAM) – The Forrest County Board of Supervisors moved forward with a vote Monday in an effort to save taxpayers millions of dollars. The Forrest County. Similar to a homeowner refinancing their.

A lower interest rate can help you save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage. How myFICO Can Help With over 90% of top lenders using FICO Scores , your mortgage lender will most likely pull your scores when going through the loan approval process. myFICO can help you understand your FICO Scores and what factors in your credit.

Pay an additional $50 per month towards your mortgage. Benefit: Fifty dollars might not seem like enough to make a difference on the term of your loan, but that small amount will save you over $21,000 in interest and will take over 2 years off the end of your loan. Twenty-eight years from now, you’ll be happy to pay off your loan that much.

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Have you received an advertisement offering to save you thousands of dollars on your thirty-year mortgage and cut years off your payments? With email spam becoming more pervasive as everyone tries to get rich quick on the Internet, these ads are popping up with troublesome regularity. The ads promote a Biweekly Mortgage and for the.

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The interest rate on your mortgage can mean the difference between comfortably affording your monthly payments and struggling to make ends meet. A low rate could help you save tens of thousands of.