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If you’ve suffered a financial or personal loss because of an unfair, deceptive, false, illegitimate, or misleading business practice-whether in person, over the phone, or online-consider talking with a consumer fraud attorney. Consumer protection laws safeguard individuals from fraudulent and dishonest business practices.

It should be noted that insurance policies do not cover fraud claims – including consumer fraud claims. Thus, although an insurance company may defend a party in a lawsuit that includes a claim for consumer fraud, the insurance company likely will not pay the treble damages or attorney fees awarded under the Consumer Fraud Act. b. Attorney Fees.

Is attorney fees rewarded if I won case on fraud despite the contracts do not have provision on attorney fees? I think there are statues/cases that support attorney fees award in fraud cases. Am I right?

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In a stunning reversal of fortune, HSBC Bank was ordered to pay over $54,000 in legal fees incurred by homeowners who successfully fended off a foreclosure suit based on HSBC’s inability to prove ownership of the underlying mortgage and note. HSBC Bank vs. Nini, A-1941-11T1 (App. Div. , Unpublished, April 30, 2014).

A lawyer finds out about and sues over the improper fax fee, but never discovers the bank is improperly charging interest. It is possible that under some circumstances a bank could even lie about the interest charges and preclude the class action attorney from discovering the lie by blocking procedures in the litigation.

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At initial closing they told me I had an interim finance company for construction, the interest on that loan would be 10%, not the 5 promised in good faith letter and had to pay for a additional closing fees of $9,000 for this closing and had to do an additional closing for additional closing fees of another $12,000 to modify that mortgage and.

attorney fee, cost of suit, & sanctions awards in california family law cases. Decisions on interim (pendente lite) fees and costs requests do not prejudice a party’s right to a subsequent fees and costs award at a later date either before judgment, in connection with the judgment or in.

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Lawsuits alleging Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) violations could become more costly for New Jersey businesses. In a case of first impression, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division held that the prevailing plaintiffs in a CFA litigation were entitled to attorney’s fees incurred in defense of a counterclaim.