Before you can use Reflection to transfer files over TCP/IP, you must verify whether Host Servers is installed on IBM i, and then start the LIPI.

The FTP protocol is currently defined by RFC 959 (file transfer Protocol (FTP) – Specifications). The role of FTP protocol. FTP protocol defines the way in which data must be transferred over a TCP/IP network. The aim of FTP protocol is to: allow file sharing between remote machines allow independence between client and server machine system files

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When using TCP/IP to transfer files, you can use this procedure to log in to a remote host indirectly. Copying a file from a remote host to a local host Use the ftp command to copy a file from a remote host to a local host. Copying a file from a local host to a remote host Use the ftp command to copy a file from a local host to a remote host.

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the standard mechanism which is by TCP / IP to copy a file from one host to another. tcp offer services that are reliable and secure. Two connections are established between the hosts, one for data transfer and another for.

Project, an application has been developed to transfer of the huge files. Test results show. processes accepted as atomic process and changing from different processes and making it inconsistent can. transmission control protocol (tcp) guarantees the reliable data transfer.. The connection is a full- duplex between.

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TCP/IP Architecture and Operation.. Let us say that the file transfer module in computer X is transferring a file one record at a time to computer Y. At X, each record is handed over to TCP. We can picture this action as being in the form of a command or procedure call. The arguments of this procedure call include the destination computer.

TCP and HTTP is an apples and oranges comparison. Or a transport and application layer comparison. There are many other alternatives for protocols in the application layer. This isnt a real problem you have. Go do one of the options that you have, usually the higher level one. When you have a problem post here.