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Coulter Says Trump’s Taxes Self-Incriminate So Nevermind "However, she did make the only case why Donald Trump is refusing to release his tax returns. They will be heavily scrutinized by the public, just like every other presidential candidate has before him. That’s too dangerous for the Dapper Don."

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"Mr. Trump, you are not going to have a second term," tweeted Sen. Bernie Sanders in response to the president's reported plan.

We’ll soon be spending more paying interest on the debt – a crater created by a tax cut benefiting mostly rich, older Americans – than on children. This is Donald Trump’s only legislative. and.

Trump’s Tax Cut – FDR Would Be Envious. And it’s why there was such staunch opposition to it in Congress. Democratic leadership understand that the triple-whammy of eliminating the State and local tax exemption, lowering corporate tax rate to 20% and incentivizing the on-shoring of corporate profits held overseas will gut their support at the electoral college level.

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Despite claims that he'll try to sound bipartisan, Trump needs to depict a. But it's hard to envy those tasked with writing drafts of his State of the Union address.. held his job, which presumably includes Washington, Lincoln and FDR.. He might mention his corporate tax cut, even if it's unpopular and has.

This is mainly how they came to conclude the tax bill would cost us $1.4 trillion over ten years. That’s $140 billion a year. Surely, 1) we can cut spending by that much and 2) we waste ten times that in off-budget wars and subsidies every year. There’s plenty of room to cover the ‘costs’ of this tax cut.

The latest revelations about Donald Trump’s. in the Age of FDR," recalled that the nation’s top investors were hauled before Congress in the 1930s to explain how they used losses in the stock.

The trump tax bill made matters worse by compounding the problem of decaying infrastructure, weakening the ability of the more progressive states to support education, depriving millions more people of health insurance, and, when fully implemented, leading to an increase in taxes for middle-income Americans, worsening their plight.